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Nahant, Massachusetts

Nahant Massachusetts, often referred to as an island, is actually a peninsula or tied island, connected to the city of Lynn Massachusetts. A small town located in Massachusetts Bay area, surrounded by the waters of Nahant Bay and Nahant Harbor, it is the smallest municipality by area in the state at just one square mile of land area.

A quiet seaside location apart from the mainland, Nahant is wonderful place to visit and live. Primarily residential, you will find a variety of homes from the Stately mansions of the 1800's to the multifamily garden style units of downtown. Nahant offers ten beaches along the coastline, the largest being Nahant Beach and Long Beach and in addition to the beaches you will find a few parks and The Kelly Greens Golf Course.

The school system in Nahant is comprised of one public school, Johnson Elementary School, providing education to children in grades from pre-school through sixth grade. Though you will not find a middle school or high school in Nahant, the Swampscott public school system provides educational excellence for middle school and high school aged children in Nahant.

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